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Manchester wedding florist flowers confetti  At Blush Rose, we don’t just do bouquets. I was asked by one young bride if I had a price list for everything that we did, “EVERYTHING”  I gasped as straight away I knew that would include making a novel like price list.

We florists are now broading our horizons and looking for new ways to branch out. Yes we do bouquets and reception flowers, but did you know also at Blush Rose Manchester Florist we do Candy Tables, confetti cones (with real petals) confetti baskets or birdcages as shown here.

We also offer the Blush Rose private wedding concierge service where we arrange consultations with our brides who feel they need help not just in merely arranging flowers, but also who need help getting bespoke contacts for example photographer or stationary. The list is simply endless as we have been in the industry over a decade.

And by branching out because we are not like high street florists we are a private bespoke wedding florist, we travel and work internationally also. We have done weddings and also work as far as Lancashire, Cheshire, and Yorkshire. We work locally in Ramsbottom, Norden, Bamford, Middleton, Oldham, and all over the Manchester region.

So if you decide to book us, one of the products is the confetti cones which are always loved at weddings. I would prefer to use fresh petals as these are much more eco friendly and photograph well too. You can have them displayed as your guests walk into the church; they always create a talking point. Something so simple but yet effective. Plus you can blend them into your theme, if you have hot trendy pink go for vibrant colours plus the cones can also come in vibrant colours and designs too. Or if you wish to create a more traditional vintage look just go for a basket as here the photos show.

See how simple yet effective it is and we have only used a few cones in this picture here. You could fit up to 40 in a basket this size. But if your wedding is small you can just use a few.

See here we have a smaller basket with very few cones but it still looks simple and effective.

By adding these to your wedding flowers you are adding the bonus of how pretty they look good once photographed at your choice venue.




And last but not least,  the young flower girl/girls who scatter the soft petals as you walk towards the happy groom.

Again another simple arrangement but again so effective. And the photographs of a shy flower girl scattering the petals gently as she walks.

So please ask us any questions by contacting Blush Rose.





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